The Board of Selectmen is, by New Hampshire State Statute, granted the responsibility to appraise the value of property. As in most towns in New Hampshire, Brookfield’s Selectmen engage a professional staff person or Assessing firm to perform assessing duties.

The Town of Brookfield has contracted Rod Woods Associates for this purpose They also employ an Assessor Clerk to handle the day to day assessing duties that include:

  • Updating and maintaining all assessing, sales, land data, tax maps, building permits, and all town-approved exemption information both manually and in CAMA database.
  • Producing semiannual Tax Warrants, all State (DRA) required and requested reports, abatements, exemptions and other forms and correspondence as needed.
  • Working with the citizens, answering questions on assessment, abatement, and tax exemption issues. Working with other assessing customers including Real Estate Agents and Appraisers.
  • Perform ancillary administrative duties including phone coverage, filing, copying, producing correspondence and specialized report creation as needed

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bob Nielsen Assessing Clerk (603) 522-3688 ext 205
Rich Zacher Selectman (603) 522-3688
Brian Robischeau Selectman (603) 522-3688
Ed Gauthier Selectman (603) 522-3688