Town Office Operation During COVID-19 Outbreak

The Town Offices are closed to the public through Monday, May 4.  

Town Clerk business: please renew your vehicle registration, license your dog, and make Vital Record requests via the “Online Registration” button found under the “Citizen Action Center” section on the Homepage of the Town website “” if at all possible. For other urgent Town Clerk business, please call the Town Office during regular business hours to discuss your need. Any necessary paperwork and payment shall be placed in the exterior mail slot on the Town Office building and will be retrieved on the interior by the Town Clerk. Following processing, your completed paperwork will be placed in the small, brown, wicker type basket for your retrieval. You will not be permitted to physically enter the building. This is for everyone’s protection.

Dump Permits may be obtained using the process described above during regular Town Clerk and Administrative Assistant hours.

All Town Departments can be reached via telephone for urgent issues. Leave a message if necessary, and you will be contacted within the week to deal with your issue.

UPDATED: The Selectmen will meet as needed to deal with urgent issues and to pay bills. The meetings will be posted as required by RSA 91-A, however, only necessary business will be conducted.

UPDATED: All other Boards and Committees will only be meeting to address essential business during this period. Please reference the website for meeting notices.

Telephone Number (603) 522-3688

Email via town website

Thank you for your understanding.

The Brookfield Board of Selectmen