Brookfield As Seen Today

"With it's curious configuration caused by the ridge of the Moose Mountains creating a ragged southern border, Brookfield is a rural town blessed with gentle hills criss-crossed by rambling streams. Dirt roads wind through the hills, past cellar holes and family graveyards with unmarked fieldstones that speak of lives lived out and long forgotten.Threading through 14,802 land acres of this smallest town in Carroll County are more than 136 miles of stonewalls that mark the boundaries of old farms given over to second growth forests. Driving through Brookfield, one becomes aware that no town center exists other than the old meeting house, the Town House on Wentworth Road, which stands as a solitary symbol of a town that time seems to have bypassed. The landscape is sprinkled generously with farmhouses dating from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and around Kingswood Lake are clustered several turn-of-the-century "summer" homes."

Source: Chase, Carolyn D.(Editor). Our Yesteryears, the Story of Brookfield, New Hampshire. Chapter 1, The Story Begins, Queens Bay Publishing, Brookfield, NH. 1999. With permission.